It took me some minutes staring down into the bowels of a half-empty cup of cold coffee to actually come to terms with my life, specifically what it's come to in recent years, days even. You see, I do, from time to time, spare a thought on a great many things of some meaning: Do people around the globe have enough healthy and available food to eat? Will the miles of coral reefs off Australia's coast be there for my great, great grandkids to see first hand long after my ashes have settled in some shaded mausoleum? My people, that is to say, the ones I call friends...are they happy and living their best life?

Setting aside hope and prayers for the first two quandaries, I dare say, it's that last bit that kept me lingering longer as I watched that one grain of coffee ground that had escaped the filter, slowly make its way in the opposite direction as I tried poking it off to the sidewall of the cup [in vane]. My people; they are scattered all over God's creation now and so, as we all do, I stay in touch and engage by whatever means we share: a call, text, social media DM and the like.

It was from a recent exchange that I came to a startling realization: my...our lives have taken a turn we couldn't have fathomed some ten-plus years ago. Take for example the shout out to one of my chums via Instagram. Nothing about it seemed unusual at the time; she made a post—hers often being humorous or informative—and I did a quick response and "Like." It's what we do, yes? Keep the connection alive, as fleeting as the moment's instance may be.

Well, that floating coffee ground centered me; it unblurred my vision. It brought me to the realization that I'd been actively maintaining a long-distance relationship with a dog...via her own social media account, no less. "M, this is what your life has come to," I found myself saying out loud into the ether.

Meet Winnie, known to some by @winnie_tha_doo. She is delightful, witty, and at times, quite the cheek. Like my other friends, I can't help being fully engaged by her but, yes, there was that one fresh alarm in my head: she's a dog.

I now digress.

Having achieved quite a bit in my life and with much to be grateful for, I now find myself in a place of constant evolution. And I changed without realizing I had done so. I had kept my nose downwind, only taking note of the norms, what they looked and smelled like. Today, I can't afford to live in the woods, a place where the trees never evolve, where they simply hold station.

I evolved. Instead of waiting for those moments when Winnie and I can visit in person and play catch or tug-of-war with her imitation pizza slice (it's a thing), I'm literally staying in touch via The Gram. And it took the cold light of day for the answer to eventually washed over me like locker room champagne after a Super Bowl victory (sorry Dolphins...not this year, yet again): like any other friend near or far, we do what we do, not because it necessarily makes sense but because, in the end, it's all that matters. It's about our people...regardless of the number of legs or for some, their questionable inclination for sniffing others while saying hello.

Winnie, love ya, babes!