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Above: An image from the "Therapy" scene

The Backdrop:

BEYOND THE CUT is a feature the author chose to provide as extra content...sometimes as a continuation of a segment that was deliberately omitted from the book or in a few cases, narrative that was meant to bleed over into the second book.

I was inspired to do the BEYOND THE CUT sequences for the added context, texture and dimension my readers might enjoy.

Accept as an example, the segment on the back cover of Book One—an extension of a scene in the story: In the penultimate chapter, Chapter 20, DEMANDS & OBLIGATIONS (Spoiler Alert), it illustrates the extent of the stewardess' interest in Julian beyond the comments she made at the airport gate check-in counter.



The Second Cut:

Following a tumultuous trip, Julian returned home from Santa Barbara to find Vivian and Romy waiting patiently in the foyer. In his absence, Vivian had chosen to stay with Romy, the two revelling in and sedating each other until he was once again where he belonged. He too missed his girls and was relieved to be breathing their familiar air again.

VIVIANRomy hadn't slept much in Julian's absence but with him now back in the nest, she willingly succumbed to the whims of her beckoning bed. She was more than fine with getting the remaining details of his trip on full rest. In contrast, Vivian opted to keep him up well beyond Romy's 1:30 a.m. limit knowing full well he would have the rest of the weekend to recharge his batteries. Julian didn't mind. Being an open book to Vivian, he knew his words would serve as a window to the new life change ahead of her and it would also allow him the opportunity to gain some sense of where she was emotionally.

VIVIAN"Oh Viv, I saw something that made me curious. The collar...the choker on our Tumblr...what's the story behind that?"

VIVIAN"I just like the restriction and the trendy edginess of it," she responded. "I dunno...I suppose it represents discipline, the kind that I've worked so hard to have in my life. And Ju, it fits in with the other leather pieces in my closet."

VIVIANVivian has always been very truthful with her "Ju"...Julian, and this was no exception. Every ounce of her response was accurate but also very carefully chosen and enunciated so as to not give away her one and only secret.

VIVIAN"Ahh...well, it seems about right considering your recent fashion statements. On another subject, the plans Damian and I have in place for your move...we'll talk in more detail but for now, rest well knowing that it's as good as done."


The Second Cut:

The call to Julian's hotel room was made with some anxiety; Pippa was unsure of how he would be in close confines with the blunt edge that was Roxanne. And Roxanne too had her fair share of uneasiness. She felt obliged to, in some way, affect his unwillingness to relax around her.

VIVIAWhile waiting and watching for the glimmer on the stainless steel door handle to shift in the dim light, a signal of his arrival, Roxanne turned to Pippa with, "I'm still a bit hung up on the whole dancing thing...what he used to do for a living. Please tell me he didn't do those cheesy house-call gigs where he showed up in a cop's uniform with a boom box!"

VIVIAN"Oh sweet Lord, no! It was all very high brow stuff. Those boys were not allowed to moonlight. They worked in a very lavish and controlled environment...and certain nights were dedicated to a select customer base. You had to be on a list or, at a bare minimum, accompanying someone on the list."

VIVIAN" never saw him dance? I mean, you've known him for a while. Not once?"

VIVIANWith her arms spread to either side and flattened hands sunken into the couch seat—suggesting all of her weight was accompanying her frustration—Pippa leaned forward and said, "Roxe, I can't begin to tell you how hard I've worked for a glimpse into that side of his life...just a glimpse would suffice. But no...nothing.

VIVIAN"Jules...there you are! Hungry?"

VIVIANThey didn't hear the click of the door when he opened and then subsequently closed it behind him. It was his full shadow pressing up against the short hallway-like area beyond the door that first caused Pippa to feel him in the room. And it didn't help that his build made his six-foot frame appear to be far taller as he hovered over them from a distance.

VIVIAN"Okay...what's with the pair of you?"

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